The Open-Air Photobooth experience

With our selfie terminal, your guests will be able to keep the best memories of your event.

It is very easy to use : your guests stand in front of the photo terminal, take their simple or animated photo and can then choose to print them instantly.

All the photos are saved and sent to you the next day by email so you don't miss any opportunity to remember this unique moment.


The advantages of our terminals

  • Professional photo quality

    Our Photobooth is equipped with a powerful reflex camera for studio quality shots.

    It is equipped with qualitative LED lighting allowing you to achieve all the quality that one can imagine from such a selfie terminal.

  • Unlimited captures​

    Our terminals can be used unlimitedly. Even when the printer cartridge is used up, you can continue to use the photobooth and all files will be saved.

  • Personalized photos by our graphic designers

    Our designer team offers to create professional photo frames to meet your needs.

  • HD printing on glossy paper

    All our selfie terminals are equipped with a professional printer so that your guests can keep a memory of this moment in just a few seconds.


What device do you use in your selfie terminals?

We use a professional Canon SLR camera. This allows us to take studio-quality photos, even in low light.

Once the printer runs out of paper, is it possible to continue taking photos?

Yes, even if you use up all the paper refill, you can continue to use the photo terminal.

All photos will be sent to you later by email, even those that could not be printed.

What printer do you use in your Selfie Kiosks?

We use a DNP brand thermal sublimation printer. This printer allows us to print studio quality photos on glossy paper in just a few seconds.

Are your terminals equipped with a flash?

No, we do not use a flash because an LED light is already installed on the terminal. This allows us to have professional image quality without dazzling your guests with each photo.

Is it possible to personalize the photo frame?

Yes, it is entirely possible to personalize the photo frame. This is also one of the advantages of our selfie terminal.

We will offer you several models and, according to your choice, we will personalize it. You can also entrust us with your image to insert into the photo frame.

What are the reservation conditions?

To reserve our terminal, we will send you a rental contract as well as a quote. We require payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount.

In addition, a deposit check of €500 is required. It will be returned at the end of the rental period.